Personal Stories

Since the women started earning and bringing money for the family, they have gained respect of their husbands and other family members. The Funding with Trust system has given the women strength and taught how to stand on their own feet by coming out of four walls.

Sabita smiles proudly and tells with confidence, she is not scared of anybody because financially she does not depend on her husband any more. She took a loan of $10 for farming. In the following year, she and a group of women took loans and bought a rice thrashing machine. They rent the machine to others and share the profit. She and another group of women started a tailoring unit by taking loans from Aamara Biswas. Many women like Sabita do multiple small trades with the help of Aamara Biswas.


The four women of one family took interest free loans of $40 ($10 each) for making baskets. They claim, in one year they have savings in the bank, bought necessary items for their home, and able to send their children to school. By taking loans multiple times and expanding their production, the family has savings in the bank.


Sumitra lost everything by taking loans from the money lenders for her emergency needs for buying food for her three children with her alcoholic husband. She tells in teary eyes; “now I can come to Aamara Biswas in time of emergency in stead of going to the money lenders”. Aamara Biswas gives her security and strength.


Suna has expanded her coconut business by taking interest free loans of $50 (10+20+20) in three transactions in two years. With the profit she also has started a small shop in her village. This has enabled her to pay for her son’s education.


I am thrilled with the result and excited to see the progress of each women even at the smallest level. Very often, women who have been helped through Funding with Trust system tell their success stories lovingly with smile by holding my hands with pleasant complains.
Here is one of my experiences worth sharing with you. During one of my visits, a person came to return the loan that his deceased wife had taken. He said, “My wife took this loan with trust and I can’t break her trust.” I did not accept the amount because he was not responsible for his wife’s loan. This is our rule. It truly touched my heart. The TRUST is a powerful tool on which the Funding with Trust system thrives and the organization, Aamara Biswas sustains.
by Joyasree (Ranu) Mahanti, Founder