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Welcome To Aamara Biswas

"Aamara Biswas helps the poorest of the poor women in their emergency needs for food, healthcare, small trades, and their children's education through Nano Finance. The main objective of Nano Finance is to give small interest free loans (less than $12) for one year that will stop them from going to the money lenders for loans with interest rates of 120% or more. The women learn to help other women through Nano Finance concept. The money they return is used to give loans to other women in similar situation. Aamara Biswas is not going to make the women rich but will help them in the time of desperate situation and not to be in the trap of the money lenders for their entire life. It is hard for people to believe that how 500 rupees (less than 12 dollars) can bring security to a woman's life and lessen her burden in time of emergency. Aamara Biswas helps women (example in the picture, selling peanuts) by giving a loan of a few dollars which they use for small trades to earn their daily livelihood."

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Nano Finance Project ($17,600)

Aamara Biswas (AB) has implemented the Nano Finance project in three new areas; the villages of Bolangir and Baragarh districts and in the slum areas of Cuttack district.

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Anugul Training/Production Center ($635)

AB started a small training center in Khamara, of Anugul district by renting a small room. The girls already started earning nominal amount by selling the garments.

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Sanitary Napkin Unit ($420)

It is a very difficult and challenging project. At the same time, it is an important project to support the women’s health.The women understand the benefit of using disposable sanitary napkins.Once they use it, they do not want to go back to the old style.

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Aamara Biswas Center ($20, 000)

The purpose of Aamara Biswas center is to provide trainings which are given by the Government and others. We just finished an awareness training for Sanitary napkins and importance of toilets

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Recent Projects

Aamara Biswas sincerely believes that "Women helping women throug Nano Finance"
Sanitary Napkin Units

Aamara Biswas started the Sanitary Napkin Unit in 2015. It is a difficult and challenging project to sustain in a short time period. At the same time, it is a very important project to support the women’s health. It is encouraging to see how, in a few years, the women of the villages have become aware of the importance of using disposable sanitary napkins.

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Water Filter Project

Aamara Biswas started this project in 2010. In the beginning women bought the filters under the Nano Finance scheme. There has been a significant reduction in waterborne diseases by using the water filters. Though the women understand the benefit of these filters, still they prefer to spend money towards building a livelihood rather than buying the filters.

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Aamara Biswas Center

The Aamara Biswas center is situated in Garama village of Jagatsingpur district. This was only possible due to some donor's kind financial support. The first floor is used by the sewing training and production unit and the Sanitary Napkin unit. Aamara Biswas's future plan is to make the center self sustained by creating different production materials.

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